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Technologies driving the future

The success story of the „FAULHABER“ brand began over 60 years ago with the development of the self-supporting, skew-wound ironless rotor coil by Dr. Fritz Faulhaber. It is the cornerstone and quality seal for FAULHABER’s pioneering drive technology, whose dynamics, precision and reliability have unlocked new opportunities for a host of cutting-edge applications.

The name „FAULHABER“ is synonymous with unrivalled technology, competence and services delivered by a global network of companies renowned for their expertise in high precision drives and micromechanical systems. The group specializes in the development and production of high-quality standard products as well as custom solutions for practically all areas of application in which miniaturization, high precision and high reliability are essential.

FAULHABER offers the largest consolidated portfolio of miniature and micro drive technologies available in the world today. This unique basis provides almost limitless possibilities for innovation. Based on decades of application experience in a myriad of high-tech areas of application, FAULHABER developes new drive systems tailor made to the ever more challenging needs of our customers.

Product range includes,

Flat DC-Micromotors & DC – Gear motors
Brushless DC-Micromotors
Brushless DC-Servo Motors
Brushless DC-Servo Motors (4 – Pole Technology)
Brushless DC-Servomotors with integrated Speed Controller
Precision Gearheads (Planetary, Spur, Hybrid)
Servo Components
Drive Electronics (Speed – and Motion Controllers)
smoovy ® Technology Brushless DC-Micromotors
SMARTSHELL® Technology Brushless DC-Servomotors
penny-motor®  Technology Brushless Flat DC-Gear motors
PRECIstep® Technology Stepper motors
QUICKSHAFT® Technology Linear motors

Application Segments

    • Medical & Laboratory Equipments
    • Instrumentation
    • Factory Automation
    • Industrial Machinery & Equipments
    • Office, Security & Communications
    • Aerospace & Aviation
    • Optical, Audio & Video
    • Environmental & Safety
    • Hobby
    • Miscellaneous
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